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cadXtract - Your clever 3D data analyzing and CAM-providing tool

Need a tool for the automatic import of your 3D data?

Read more about cadXtract, camProx' clever tool to complete your workflow.

CNC-software for aluminum profile milling


camQuix – the CAM software by camProx for every machine type


  • direct graphical control with a 3D-view
  • program completely independent of the machine type or the tools
  • change between absolute and relative system of coordinates without converting
  • more efficient processing time by utilizing of the depth tables
  • 4 / 5 - axis operations

Data import

  • communication between the different software levels (calculation, visualization, presenting, production and assembling):
    Wicona© (WICTOP 3D), Alcoa©, Orgadata©, PICOS©, SAPA©, NC-X, CVS and customized interfaces

Tool assignment

  • more efficient production by automatic processing
  • less tool change
  • automatic optimization of the production steps
  • change to different toolsets or different target machines
  • different speed and feed on different materials for each tool


  • part of every camQuix license is an individual postprocessor for your machine
  • overview about the machines we control
  • generate CNC code from DXF drawings
  • direct control of your machine
  • translating your CAM data into ISO code and all other machine codes
  • support of bar centers and pushing centers

camQuix Video

Watch the camQuix video or download immediately the free trail of the CAM-software made by camProx.

camQuix 1.43 - Screenshots